Peaks & troughs

What does P&T, the Peaks & Troughs Service, offer you and your company?

P&T lets you/your company manage irregular workflows professionally, with readily available, ‘have done can do will do’, occasional men and women, working at your premises or from their home.

Who are they?

An impressive Register of Professional, highly talented, skilled, dependable People, all of whom have been there and done it...

...reliable, non work-shy, experienced men and women anxious to pass on their hard-earned knowledge, abilities and values, less anxious for financial reward, keen to work, and certainly not after anyone’s job.

What do they do?

You name it... Accounts and Accountancy, Company Secretarial, Computers and I.T., Databases, Industrial know-how, Interim Management, Organisational efficiency, Production and Productivity, Project Management, Personnel, Marketing, Sales, Statistical Analysis, Leave replacement, Energy saving, Staff Training, Non Execs, Customer Service... the list is as long as their previous experience...

What can they do for me/my company?

For many SMEs, especially in these rapidly changing and uncertain times, balancing resources with irregular workflows can be a nightmare. Hiring a P&T for any period you choose means that:

  • YOU/YOUR COMPANY has the services of a ‘six figure’ Professional whenever and for whatever task you wish done, at extremely competitive rates.
  • YOU/YOUR COMPANY can be free of O/H, extra headcount and ongoing liabilities.
  • YOU/YOUR COMPANY is in total control of work pattern and the outlay.
  • YOU/YOUR COMPANY can resolve those all-important ‘essential’ projects that somehow keep getting postponed through lack of time, lack of staff, lack of whatever...


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