Why we're unique

A good old fashioned personal caring service

The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Company is set to provide:-

First and Foremost – a good old fashioned personal caring service.

  • A Service focused upon senior Professional folk seeking employment Full/Part-time, Contract, Short-Term Assignment or Locum.
  • A pro-active organisation that will explore appropriate Job Opportunities in depth, understand employers’ needs and do all it can to promote the end of ageism in the workplace.
  • A professional ‘been there - done that’ empathetic conduit for introducing those ‘willing and wanting’ to those with suitable ‘positions vacant’
  • An understanding ‘same generation’ ethical Service, a ‘brokerage’ which aims to relate with, present and place mature potential employees directly and accurately to a similarly considerate employer alliance.
  • A facility for updating and educating prospective employers about a wasted, necessary and under used resource. The law allows positive action to promote age diversity.
  • A co-operative to facilitate communication and knowledge with others within the TRC60+RC ‘family’
  • ...and to put a bit of warmth and fun into the serious business of job hunting and staff finding.

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