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During the latter half of 2007 The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Co. was established to do exactly what its name suggests: to care about finding stimulating work for older men and women – highly experienced men and women anxious to pass on their values, knowledge and abilities, less anxious for financial reward and certainly not after anyone’s job.‘ The New Forties’ generation.

Realising that devolution and outsourcing of HR had led to selection and recruitment via the conventional routes becoming heavily biased against those of so called ‘retirement age’, Brian Kent, an experienced International entrepreneur and Businessman, and a 1938 model himself, saw the need for empathy and action if GB plc was to balance its books when facing a demographic pointing to 30% of the working population being aged over 60.

Apart from the huge accumulated cost of hard earned skills, talent, nous, and experience going to waste, no country can afford to have 11 million ‘dependents’ reliant on a numerically declining younger generation.

The World has changed. The old stereotypes are no longer valid. People in their 60s, 70, and 80s climb mountains, run marathons and start University courses. With the ‘work ethic’™ ingrained into their DNA, they make first class role models and high value, cost effective additions to any work place, full-time, part-time or on a short term/project assignment basis.

In less than three years TRCRC has found interesting work for some 100 of our Members and received a great deal of local and national publicity.

Because of this publicity and the imperative for a more inclusive work environment, we regularly receive enquiries from all over the UK and beyond.

By actively appointing Licensees in other areas of the United Kingdom TRCRC is responding to a Nationwide demand and need for change.

North of the Thames, In Hertfordshire, TRCRC interests are managed by Licensee Peter Wells.

What TRCRC strives for makes sound economic, social and commercial sense...

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